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    Get Ace Season 2

    August 23, 2015 by ObscurityHelper

    As of Feb 9, Get Ace has been renewed for a second season. Honestly, guys, it's kind of sad that no one's mentioned it yet! It's time for us to prove we're true fans and whip this Wiki into shape! We have a deadline, people! Let's do this!

    Anyway... So who's excited for season 2? What do you expect? What do you hope will happen?

    Personally, I would really love if there was a little more drama. Comedy is the most major element of Get Ace. Still, I would like to see more episodes like Ace Joins the Circus and Ace and the Meanstalk. In the later, Ned saves Ace's life and they end up working together. Ace is normally like rubber, taking hit after hit without getting hurt, so just the fact that they acknowledged he's not invincible made me really…

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