Greener Tina


A mysterious new girl arrives at Funpark High and is everything Ace has ever dreamed of but is she too good to be true?


  • Tina: I was luck huh and he was like duh so I was like no way. (Laughs)

  • Emmma: Like...
  • Gemma: Cool.

  • Gordon: Yeah, dream on McDougal she's way out of your league.

  • Gordon: Huh?
  • Tina: (Growls)

  • Tina: Like no way some girl from geek is love ya kind get her claws on my Ace.
  • Gemma & Emma: Her Ace?

  • Ace: The day was the best. But, There's something want to tell you.
  • Tina: It's that me and Ace like belong totally together.

  • Tina: Ace!
  • Ace: Tina. I love to chat but... you're kind of scary me a little bit. Bye.

  • Teddyiona: Ace? Where you been, Ace? Ahh!

  • Ace: Let's go!
  • Tina: Wait, Ace!

  • Doctor: Watch where you going?

  • Tina: Like no way. He's mine.

  • Tina: Alone are like at last. Hey, girlfriend. Get your cheeky matericure claws out of my Ace!

  • Tina: So like you not totally into him? Eww!