Catches a Como

A case of mistaken identity In a current student Second Degree causes Ace McDougal is introduced into dizzying world of spies High Technology. During a regular visit to the dentist and accidentally selling spy braquets As with UNOS High Technology, Programmed with dozens of different functions and artificial intelligence A holographic Call HUGO, only he can see. Against all odds, As and HUGO need to learn how braquets keep secret and safe. Its original owner, Ned Krinkle, UN evil spy and master of disguise, Hara Anything recover. Since then, Ned and his mother, so evil like himself, have been trying to hijack an Ace and Recover braquets by Themselves. As he spends his days trying to lead a normal life while constantly on the m target Ned and Hilda and his crazy plan to steal Next braquets his mouth.

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